IRENE ALEXANDER, Ph.D., C.L.C. ICF Certified Coach

IRENE ALEXANDER, Ph.D., C.L.C. ICF Certified Coach


How to Save Your Marriage & Create Lasting Intimacy with your Husband

*Without Couple's Counseling*

So You can be Cherished & Adored for Life!

Inside this Training You'll Learn...

DAY 1:- The Key to Marital Intimacy that's Missing in the Marriage Counseling Industry- How the Dynamic of Pursuer & Pursued Affects and Transforms the Whole Relationship
DAY 2:- 5 Problems With Couple's Counseling-  What to Do Instead


Irene Alexander, Ph.D., C.L.C.ICF Certified Relationship Coach

Your Coach, Irene A.

Hi. I'm Irene.
I'm a Catholic wife and mom of six who transformed her relationship by tuning into how sexual difference works in the human heart.
When I was a young girl, I always dreamed of being loved as a bride--to be pursued, adored, and tenderly loved in marriage.
When I got married I knew that I did NOT want to spend lots of time and emotional energy fighting with my husband or compromising my heart and my dreams.
Most marriage books or programs weren't helpful because they never took seriously the ache I felt in my heart as a woman to be pursued and cherished, nor did they teach how a man most deeply feels his woman's love.
So I figured out a different way and the results are AMAZING, EASY and SO SO SWEET.
That's why I'm so passionate about helping other women have a happy and emotionally intimate marriage. I want to show you how to do the exact same thing!