Irene Alexander, PhD, CLC, ICF Certified Coach

Irene Alexander, PhD, CLC, ICF Certified Coach

Be Adored for Life!


First of all, while this whole process feels like magic, it's happily NOT magic. 

It's an actual *structured* system that moves your whole relationship forward, which is GREAT news, because it's something you can do if you are willing to focus and learn.


Adored for Life (AFL) is the online relationship training program I created to help busy wives and moms have amazingly sweet and passionate marriages...
Because we all know, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
(Actually, that's the name of just one of our classes.)

But before we go any further, there are three things you need to know about the program. 

1. It will fit your lifestyle. All the critical trainings are recorded, and you can access them again and again, from any major device with internet. While the program covers 10 weeks of material, once you enroll, you have program lifetime access to it. (Got you covered, busy mama!)
2. It is ACTION focused. The recorded trainings are only part of the coaching program. Your success depends on your willingness to take action. Each class will have an "Action Assignment" which invites you to take a specific action (tailored personally to you) so that you move forward in your relationship. Don't be scared. It's fun. :)
3. You will get real feedback, if you engage. Unlike a Do-It-Yourself program or Self-Study (Buy and then "good-bye"), AFL is designed to give you personal coaching support so that you will experience REAL CHANGE in your relationship. We have weekly coaching sessions where you can share your wins and ask questions on your challenges, and see real progress. You don't have to attend these, but know that if you engage you will get real feedback and support.

Program Overview

Each week has a new training for you to take and implement in that week. Here's an overview of the whole curriculum--which I have to say--is Amaaaaazing! Check it out!


WEEK 1: Discover why as a woman you have a unique role in cultivating the cycle of intimacy in your relationship. It's a part of your amazing feminine genius. Claim it! In this module, you'll see exactly how masculinity and femininity complement each other and why this DESIGN reveals the unique emotional needs of a man and woman in marriage. (No programs--secular or religious--are talking about this, and it's the KEY to absolutely everything! Woo hoo!)
WEEK 2: Find out the #1 communication mistake that drives your man away, even though it seems so reasonable to women, and how to restore your connection fast. Ever wonder why he's defensive, angry, stonewalls, or is "just not listening"? Learn exactly how to share your heart so that he WANTS to please you...every time!
WEEK 3: Discover how to boost your mood and inspire your man's affection for you at the same time. Here's were we REALLY ramp up on making YOU feel HAPPY. Heck Yes!
WEEK 4: "How do you get your husband to do things?" Isn't it the million dollar question? Discover why the advice that the top secular marriage counselors give on how to communicate your needs leads to arguing and fighting, and how easy it is to drop that lame advice and inspire your man to give you love where you want it most.
WEEK 5: It's no stretch to say that the happiness of your whole marriage depends on knowing how your man feels loved. Your husband isn't going to ask you for this exclusively MASCULINE need because it would be awkward for him. But I'm going to show you how doing this makes him feel so so so loved and there's a bonus too. YOU feel EXCITED to be with him again which leads to lots more peace and fun in your relationship. It's what every happy wife always does and it's what every unhappy wife always (and I mean always!) doesn't.
WEEK 6: It stinks when you feel like you & your hubby can't agree on anything. The bickering, arguing, and fighting leads to feeling hopeless. Watch how I show you how to inspire your man to use the best of his mind to come through for you with awesome solutions to your conflicts, while you fulfill his heart at the same time. ZERO Fighting! It is literally miraculous and life-changing. And the "experts" have never discovered this secret because they don't pay attention to complementarity in conflict. Bummer for them, but not for you.
WEEK 7: It's hands down the easiest way to feel pursued and cherished in your marriage. Hint. It has something to do with your distinctly feminine genius. This not only makes both of you feel loved SIMULTANEOUSLY, but this secret also sets the stage for building emotional intimacy.
WEEK 8: Ever wish your man would just listen instead of trying to "solve your problems?" I hear you. So did John Paul II. He taught that women have a much deeper need for tenderness in marriage for four significant reasons and that wives have a "special right" to it in marriage. Do you yearn to feel even more emotionally intimate with your husband? Do you want more of his tender love for you? We've got the surprising solution right here. 
WEEK 9: Did your sex life change when you became a mom? You're not alone. Surprisingly, John Paul II recognized it's a real issue. You won't believe the amazing insights he has on male-female complementarity in the bedroom and what you can do to get cherished in bed. (Gasp!)
WEEK 10: It's one thing to KNOW the Secrets, it's another thing to DO them. Watch as we show you the #1 most effective way to live out the principles of complementarity. Hint... It has something to do with finding the fulfillment of your heart's deepest yearning for intimacy, your ache to BE the bride.


You've made it this far which means you are committed, focused and we would love to work with you. So it's time to get to know each other a little better, so why not apply and let's see if it's the right fit for you?

P.S. Here are a few testimonials from women all over the world, because...hey, PROOF!

  • "I had no idea that the way I was "communicating" was hurting my marriage. I thought that good communication was honestly telling my husband why I was upset and explaining to him the obvious things that I thought he should be doing. But he would get angry and shut down. Now I know exactly what to do to get my needs met and to bring out his best. It's amazing!
    Works fast!" ~Elizabeth S.

  • "One week ago I had nothing positive to say about marriage or relationships. My husband refused to speak to me for days. After going back to what you said, we made up, and were laughing an connecting again like we were dating! What you have taught me is life-changing!" ~ Meghan M.

  • "This training has made a major impact on my marriage. I learned so much about how to relate to my husband in our conflicts. My husband told me he really appreciates it." ~Nicole T.