IRENE ALEXANDER, Ph.D., C.L.C. ICF Certified Coach

IRENE ALEXANDER, Ph.D., C.L.C. ICF Certified Coach

Be pursued, adored, and tenderly loved in your marriage 

Catholic Marriage Coaching for Women 

Struggling in Your Catholic Marriage Feels Awful


Do you find yourself getting into constant arguments or fights?


Do you feel upset, disappointed, or emotionally exhausted?


Do you feel lonely, neglected or unloved?

Imagine Instead... being CHERISHED!

● Instead of becoming defensive, your husband is eager to listen attentively and respond to your needs.
● Instead of constant arguing and fighting, you work through parenting, housework, and finances joyfully as a team
● Instead of feeling completely burnt out by the end of the day, you feel happy, relaxed, and are ready to experience tenderness and emotional intimacy with your husband.


Irene Alexander, Ph.D. C.L.C.ICF Certified Professional Coach

Catholic Marriage Coaching for Women

At Adored for Life LLC, we believe that God designed a woman's heart to be pursued, adored, and tenderly loved.
We believe that this ache to be loved as a bride is not a sentimental wish or a girlish fantasy. It's at the heart of how God designed the love of man and woman. And it's yours to receive...
As a certified relationship coach, I've helped women just like you eliminate painful drama in their relationships and experience genuine tenderness and emotional intimacy. I'd love to help you do it too! To get started right away, click below.

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Adored for Life!

Adored for Life helps married women create a satisfying and emotionally intimate relationship without "couple's sessions" using key insights from Pope John Paul II on sexual complementarity.
When you enroll in the program, you'll get access to:●  Online access to our 10 week Core Curriculum training videos●  *LIVE* Weekly Group Coaching Sessions for 12 Weeks● Weekly Support Emails & Action Assignments to create real transformation.


"I cannot even tell you how much of a game changer Adored for Life has been for me! Irene Alexander, you are a genius! My husband and I are getting along so well, especially in how we approach our conflicts. I wish I could give you a hug. I really mean it. Thank you SO much for all your work building strong marriages." ~Amy T. TX  

Your Happy Relationship is Just 3 Steps Away


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I will show you a new way to give and receive lovethat fulfills you and your husband!


Together, we'll build a tender and emotionally intimate relationship.