Irene Alexander, PhD, CLC, ICF Certified Coach

Irene Alexander, PhD, CLC, ICF Certified Coach

How to Fix Your Marriage & Be Tenderly Loved WITHOUT Therapy, Counseling, or Telling Your Husband to Improve

Hi. I'm Irene Alexander, PhD, CLC



I help Christian and Catholic married women fix their marriage and be pursued, adored, and tenderly loved all over again, so that they can have the happy family life they've always dreamed of.
But it wasn't always like this.
When I first got married, I realized that I had to learn a few things about how a man really feels loved and how to have my own needs and desires met at the same time.
Having a happy, tender, and emotionally intimate marriage is the number one thing I always wanted in my life.
It's what I always dreamed of having as a little girl.
Even when I had seriously discerned religious life, the pull on my heart for marriage was so much stronger.
And God granted the deepest desire of my heart. To be the bride of a handsome, wonderful man. :)
So when we first got into a fight, it scared me.
It felt frustrating, painful and lonely. I hated feeling disconnected from my husband.
I didn't want to live like that.
I wanted to learn how to have a tender and emotionally intimate marriage.
So I did what I always do when my little academic heart is perplexed by a question.
I set out to learn what all the top people in the industry could teach me about how to have a good marriage.
I was open, docile, and ready to learn!
(No joke. I could literally write a dissertation on it, easy!)
Unfortunately, aside from a lot of unethical things, there's a lot of unhelpful advice out there because the "skills" advertised to work for any relationship of "partners" misses the very heart of what makes a husband go out of his way to make his wife feel tenderly loved in marriage.
But during my study, I began to notice something very interesting.
There were very real patterns in the data. It looks something like this:
Women try to communicate early on in their relationships that they need more from their man.
They see areas where they need him to change and improve.
When they communicate this to him it doesn't go well.
He becomes angry or emotionally distant and nothing really changes, which hurts the relationship even more.
The more she tries to get more from him, the worse it gets, and the relationship ultimately deteriorates.
Interesting, I thought...
But then I made an EPIC discovery!
John Paul II also noticed this very same sex-specific pattern to marital pain.
He listened carefully to women who poured out their marriage problems to him.
He wrote about it!
He empathized with their situation, and at the same time made a fascinating observation.
He realized that the WAY women were communicating with their husbands to get their own needs met, was actually hurting the relationship.
and creating emotional distance...
though they neither realized it nor intended it! How heartbreaking!
*This was not at all intuitive to women who felt they had only communicated clearly and "honestly" and their husbands were being selfish and stubborn.*
John Paul II realized that focusing on what he's doing wrong and needs to improve is NOT the way to actually get through to a man's heart and cultivate intimacy with him!
And that there's actually a MUCH better way.
- He wrote *in detail* about what inspires a man to tune into his woman emotionally, and what hurts a man's heart.
- He wrote about why a woman has much deeper need for tenderness in her marriage and how her husband can meet it.
- His writings provided KEY insights and Secrets into how to fix the relationship, and ensure that both husband and wife feel happy and emotional intimate in their marriage.
And it turns out to be WILDLY effective! Who knew!
So I radically shifted how I show up in my relationship: what I say, what I do--and most importantly, what I don't do anymore!--and this made a dramatic difference in my own relationship and life.
To be completely honest with you, I had literally NO intention of sharing any of this with anyone.  But over time, I began to feel guilty keeping all of this to myself, especially when I saw so many women secretly struggling and aching for more in their relationship.
I felt for her. I knew her. I was her.
And I understood in a deep way why everything she had been trying so far wouldn't work.
So I packaged up everything I knew, did further coach training, and created the Adored for Life Relationship Coaching Program based on the principles of intimate and tender love found in the writings of John Paul II.
Today - I LOVE helping my lovely clients experience massive transformation in their relationship.
Once they understand why it works so well & take action, their relationship becomes easy, tender, and so sweetly intimate.
SO much unnecessary pain and loneliness goes away.
And even though none of us are perfect and still rely deeply on God's grace, it's completely possible to have all the ease, joy, love, trust, and fun that you want.
If I can leave you with ONE insight it would be this...
You probably feel that you are "communicating honestly" in your relationship about your husband's problems and what you'd like to have more of in the relationship.
But where has that landed you?
Do you see change? Do you experience an intimate connection?
I can tell you that focusing your time and energy on your husband's behavior and what he needs to improve is a serious mistake that is costing you BIG time in your relationship.
If you persist in this way, your relationship will deteriorate. I can guarantee it.
But there's a much more effective way!
And the thing is that it's actually EASY and fun to do.
Like...Good bye emotional exhaustion! Step into being tenderly loved. You deserve it. :)
This is why I do what I do.
It makes me so sad to see good hearted couples suffer so much and so needlessly.
Especially when so much of family life is at stake!
So if you're experiencing fighting, anger, or emotional distance-- I have GREAT news for you...
*You can experience a dramatic transformation in your relationship without counseling, therapy, or telling your man how he needs to improve.*
(and then you'll witness him immediately improve.)
And I'm excited to show you the EASY and honestly counter-intuitive way to fix your relationship and be tenderly loved, not just once, or once in a while, but always.
... Adored for Life :)

How We Do It

The ADORED for LIFE Relationship Pathway


Communicate your needs in a way that inspires him to respond to you (while also giving up the things that drive him away), watch how eager he is to please you and come through for you.


Lovin' him in the way a man was MEANT to be loved makes everyone happy. In this step I also give you the exact framework to approach your conflicts with ZERO fighting.


Every woman yearns for tenderness. That's already half the reason you said, "I do!" In this part of the training, I show you exactly what inspires your man's tender love and how to create emotional intimacy, so he feels free to share his heart with you.

How to Fix Your Marriage and Be Tenderly Loved, WITHOUT Couseling, Therapy, or Telling Your Husband to Improve